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SEO Growth Strategy

Stage One: We Fix your Phrases

1.     Keyword Analysis:

The stepping stone of a search marketing campaign is Keyword analysis. It basically understands your customer’s choice of keyword for his/her searches. We help you by customizing the key content of your webpage to drive more traffic which in turn increases conversion for you. We use tools that bring out the most searched SEO Keywords ranked accordingly by Google to build you an organic and efficient content base. 

Here’s an example for a better understanding

Before jumping into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you should understand your customer better. You should figure out who your customers are, what they want, and how to benefit them. The answers to these questions are your primary SEO keywords. 

i.e., If Clinique is releasing a moisturizer, the following would be the questions based on which their customers buy the product: Which skin type suits the best? What is the level of hydration? What are the other benefits? and Does it give an allergic reaction to sensitive skin? The answer to these questions is called Keyword Analysis, and drafting your landing page based on these will pull your target audience organically through their searches.

2.    Keyword Assignment:

Keyword Assignment is significant for Search Engines, Document Categorization, Indexing of document database, and mapping, to name a few. Every bit of information available on the internet is retrievable only if the keywords are properly assigned within the document. The crawler uses the approach of keyword extraction to leverage content by identifying assigned keywords. To improvise Search Engine Optimization, we assign a collection of best-performing relevant keywords to the document so that the crawler can elevate the webpage from relative keyword searches as well.

Here’s an example for a better understanding

114 Million English language academic documents are anticipated to be available on the web. Given the complexity of the database, several academic indexing services are using keywords to index papers instead of the complete word due to many practical problems. The terms in the index are usually assigned to experts. However, keywords are also employed in certain circumstances.

Stage Two: Structural Launch for Increased Intent

3.    On-Site SEO Code Optimization:

On-Site SEO Code Optimization is total as it gives signals that assist search engines to figure out what your content is really about. Search engine ranking doesn’t just depend on the content. The HTML source code of the site has a significant contribution as well. We perfectly enhance the process by adding unique scalable content, sitemap submissions, focus keywords, great UI/UX, optimized meta attributes, and structured data through On-Site SEO Code Optimization.

Here’s an example for a better understanding

Take a look at Super Mario World’s Wikipedia page. An important element of a web page such as a title tag, Meta tag, URL, Images, Alt text of every image, associated keywords – “Super Mario World, “Nintendo Entertainment System “; Appropriate headers and backlinks. All these aspects ideally optimize the page into a higher ranking.

4.    On-Site SEO Friendly Content:

On-Site Content SEO is nothing much about placing and reputation of keywords, but about understanding your target audience and what they are looking for. Back then, keywords were the heart of SEO, but search engines have become far more sophisticated in recent years. They can determine the meaning of a page based on the usage of synonyms, the context in which content appears, users’ search intent, or even just the frequency with which certain word combinations are referenced.

Here are a few tips that we know of:

  • Never Underestimate your Competitor: The perfect content based on the topic “How to start a blog” wouldn’t have a successful reach because there would be a thousand articles available on the web. Analyzing your competitor is our initial goal.
  • Update a previously posted article that used to rank.
  • Creating a keyword-focused page by adding Google-suggested search phrases.

Stage Three: Ranging from Conversion Rate to Ranking

5.    On-Site Internal link Optimization:

Internal links are particularly important in developing and distributing link equity, also known as “Link Juice.” Search engines require the content on individual pages to index them in their enormous keyword-based indices. To find all of the pages on a website, they also require access to a crawlable link structure, which is a structure that allows spiders to navigate the paths of a website. The internal link is the one pointing to another page of the same website.

Here’s an example for a better understanding

Google has reached page “A” with its crawler spider and detects internal links to “B” and “E.” The spider can’t reach or even know they exist on the website, though the key pages C and D have no direct links to them. As far as Google is concerned, these pages do not exist in general because they contain great content, good keyword targeting, and intelligent marketing unless the spiders are in the first place able to visit these pages.

6.    Advanced Search Engine Optimization and External Linking:

Advanced SEO is just any set of SEO strategies requiring a degree of expertise. Advanced SEO usually incorporates relatively advanced technical principles and/or a better understanding of Google algorithm functioning. Here are a few advanced SEO techniques we use:

  • Making site sticky to retain new users
  • Set up the basis of a backlink audit
  • Making content pages AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages)
  • Make sure the site is EAT & YMYL compatible depending on the niche
  • Leveraging server caching to enhance website load speed
  • Open Graph Metatags

External linking is one of the best-advanced SEO tactics to improve page reach. External Links are nothing but your hyperlinks in other domains rather than the source domain. If another website links to yours, this is referred to as an external link. In the same way, if you connect to another website, it’s deemed an external link.

What Sets Us Apart From Old-Fashioned SEO Companies? 


with our Mastery

Research – Research for Revenue

SEO rankings and traffic are excellent, but it doesn’t matter unless those visitors turn it into actual revenue. We’re only focused on how much income and profit we can bring to your company.

Optimize – Optimize for Opportunity

No matter how big or small your website is, Our development team is dedicated to building a  speedy, functional, and responsive site optimized enough for Google to understand who you are, thus creating an opportunity.

Content – Content for Conversion

The content of your website is what helps your users to educate and drive them to conversion. We offer topic suggestions and references of quality content not only to promote but to create conversion.

Keywords – Keywords for Key-content

Your business can obtain fresh results, high-value sales, and more with the relevant key phrases to your website. The keywords that we aim at assist us in defining your audience and lead vital traffic to your site.

External Links – External Links for Earned Medias

Our specialized team will assist your webpage in building links with trusted expertise in your sector, resulting in new chances for website growth. This is one of the important steps to get your site to your targeted audience.

Testing – Testing for Testimonials

We partner with you to ensure that the visitors to your website are your converted customers. We believe in putting everything to the test and improving your SEO optimization plan regularly. So with our testing, you end up with positive testimonials on your website!

How Have We Achieved Great Search Engine Ranks?

We boost the site higher by focusing on improving your SEO scores in each of these USP categories.

  • Creating pages with at least 1000 words
  • Key content structure analysis based on google’s SERP
  • Creating content that sticks & relates to search intent 
  • Keyword research that generates high volume but low keyword difficulty
  • Having the rite off-page strategy
  • Building proper site structure
How Effectively Have We Improved SEO For Other Businesses?
  • 12000% increase in traffic in 6 months on a new website
  • We analyze each website properly using analytics
  • We use the top 5 powerful tools to give you the best research
  • We don’t only analyze based on keywords volume and difficulty but also doing proper competitor analysis
  • We are unique in Malaysia because we are the subject matter expert for conversion rate optimization + psychology (as we don’t only drive traffic but also high conversion and higher customer acquisition)
  • We have helped many domains in Education, Consulting, Digital Marketing, F&B, Healthcare, Engineering, Manufacturing, Solar and etc
  • We use tools like Hotjar, Google Analytics, Search Console, and many more

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