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We Want Your Business to Succeed

We want your business to be successful. Therefore, we put all our tools at your fingertips so that you can offer quality service and a product of the highest level, all to provide your customers with an experience they want to repeat.

  • We have experience and training. We know what we do and how to do it.

  • We are transparent from the start and face problems honestly.

  • We work 100% to squeeze your campaigns with all our commitment and dedication.

“We generate a constant flow of new leads thanks to our amazing team. We provide you all the tools to convert leads into customers.”

Lukesh Pillai

Founder & CEO

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Let’s Work Together to Create Your Perfect Marketing Strategy

Secured Marketing Growth

Discover the best marketing strategies with us


We design and manage your ad campaigns to generate the highest return (ROI) for your investment.


We then design your campaigns by segmenting the target audience by language, geographic location, and age, optimizing and selecting those that generate the highest return.


We can create landing pages for your ads specifically designed to improve your Quality Score if necessary. And all this, including monthly reports on your expenses and the performance of your campaigns.


Winner Seo Master MAGT Smart Start Award 2017

Top Social Media Agencies Next Partner 2018

10 Fastest Growing Abstract Solution Providers 2019

National Excellence Agencie Award Winner 2020

Harness The Power
Of Social Media

We manage the image of your company on social networks, analyzing where you are interested in being and how to approach the public.

We provide excellent customer service and support in working hours—9 to 5, seven days a week.
We provide free online consultation for your Digital Marketing inquires. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want.
It can be difficult for you to manage all your inventory and sales. We provide services for that. Just Give us a call.

Grow your traffic

Strategies that make your business grow. Online marketing helps you to attract qualified traffic to your site.

Increase your sales

Boost your sales with maximum ROS. Hire us for proven marketing strategies.

What problem are you trying to solve?

What is your work process?2021-02-09T14:24:20+00:00

Providing you with transparency is essential for us.

We want you to know how we get involved with your business, that’s why our process is clear and simple. In order not to mess you up, we follow 6 steps:

  1. The first contact: we meet, we clarify your doubts and you tell us the needs and objectives for your business.
  2. Analysis: we evaluate your presence on the web and your buyer persona or your ideal client.
  3. Strategy: we design a plan to follow to achieve the objectives and meet the needs of your company.
  4. Execution: we have already launched the strategy designed for your company.
  5. Measurement: we show you the metrics with the results.
  6. Tracking – Periodically track metrics, make improvements, and continue.
What types of companies do you work with?2021-02-09T14:25:36+00:00

We offer help to any type of business, without dedicating ourselves to a specific sector. 

In our beginnings we were focused on the medical sector and later we were incorporating other sectors, from the education sector, aviation, industrial, financial and more.

When do I start having conversions?2021-02-09T14:26:59+00:00

It seeks to convert in the shortest possible time. Although marketing is not a certain science, it depends on some individual factors of each company and its marketing strategy. 

However, with the help of a marketing agency focused on optimizing investments to obtain results in the shortest time, it is possible.

That is why it is vital to have well defined the objectives you want to achieve with your business and to be able to advise you or design the best strategy that aligns with your needs and budget.

How do you show me the results?2021-02-09T14:28:52+00:00

We contact periodically to show you the metrics with the results of the executed strategies. Clarify your doubts if you have them and review the actions carried out in addition to defining the points to modify.

Remember that the digital world is advancing very fast. The algorithms are updating and we must anticipate the modifications and continue to grow.

What is SEO?2021-02-12T10:21:54+00:00

Search Engine Optimization.

They are the set of actions that are carried out with the objective of improving and increasing the visibility of a website in search engines such as Google, Bing or others, through organic traffic, which means No payment.

It is a fundamental strategy for your business to stand out in the digital world and that through this you obtain more clients, leads and can see it reflected in your income.

5 advantages of implementing an SEO strategy

  1. Attract qualified traffic:  with the creation of valuable content you will capture organic traffic interested in your product or service and you will have more chances of closing a sale.
  2. Generate sales opportunities:  when your audience already knows you when they need your products or services, they will think of you to make their purchase.
  3. Position over the competition:  when your brand produces more relevant content, users will not hesitate to prefer you.
  4. Better return on investment:  investment in SEO is much lower than other strategies and multiplies the return on investment.
  5. Educate the market:  have a community that follows you, that has known you through your content and knows the functionalities and characteristics of your product or service.
Why is SEO important?2021-02-12T10:22:00+00:00

It is proven that 90% of users who perform a search on Google or another search engine, enter the results of the first page of said search engine.

SEO helps search engines understand what your business is about and if the information is useful or not for users.

It is essential to constantly keep up to date with changes in algorithms, new tools and market trends.

Although SEO generates traffic for free (organic) it is a process that involves many details and the advice of a specialist in SEO strategies is recommended and can guide your business in the different types of search. 

What is content marketing?2021-02-09T14:33:33+00:00

It is a strategy aimed at attracting potential customers by creating valuable and relevant content that is distributed in the different channels in which your audience is.

The key point is to ensure that you solve the needs and problems of your ideal person. But first, you must have well defined your buyer persona to whom you want to address and then structure the content you want to transmit, in which formats you will disseminate them and which channels are the ideal ones.

Here are the benefits of this strategy:

-Boost the production of leads

-Increase your site traffic

-Generate trust and make your brand known

-Increase the relationship with your audience

-Generate sales in the medium term

What is a lead?2021-02-12T10:21:46+00:00

A lead is a potential customer who shows interest in getting a product or service.

The user becomes a lead when he leaves his personal data in exchange for some valuable content or when he requires some information about your business.

Lead capture is vital for the growth of your company. They voluntarily pass their data to your business database so that you can later interact with them.

Taking into account that not all leads are the same, because not all of them have the same quality. This is only the first step for the sale , so the leads must be classified to determine in which phase of the sale they are and structure a marketing strategy for each group.

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“The team at Daiki Media is fabulous. They helped us explore new options to Grow our Business online and Offline. We have now customers from all over the country.”

Fazal Ur Rehman

Niya Clothing Solutions-CEO

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